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Cowashing Vs. Deep Conditioning

posted Jun 04, 2010 16:25:15 by Sulan10
Hi Ladies,
I was wondering if it's even necessary to deep condition while cowashing, almost daily. I'm thinking that if I deep condition, it should be a protein based conditioner. This would provide some balance. What do you think?

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OHLEYN said Jun 05, 2010 07:02:51
Well, I co-wash a few days after I clean my scalp. If I co-wash on a dirty scalp, it builds up dirt and strains my hair growth. I don't think it's necessary to deep condition because you're basically deep conditioning with a co-wash. If you were to use a protein based conditioner, just use that for your co-wash. I should use that type of conditioner...Now that I think about it...
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Zan said Jun 05, 2010 14:03:48
Well Sulan, I see you took my advice and posted the question on the forum. Yippie!

You already know what I think :) I think once in a while...I think I said at least once per month, maybe on the weekend go ahead a do a deep conditioning treatment with heat.
Why, I think your hair might get used to the constant cowashing and might actually benefit from something different like a DC. Switch it up girl. But it's completely up to you, just go by how your hair feels.
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Sulan10 said Jun 05, 2010 14:52:28
Ladies, thanks for the responses. Right now, I think I'll act according to how my hair feels. My plan is to alternate between protein and moisturizing conditioner washes. I'll do a protein based deep condition for fifteen to twenty minutes, followed by a ten minute moisturizing deep conditioner every two weeks or so. I realize also that a lot of my products, mainly Aveda's, for curly hair contain wheat proteins. So, I'll just have to pay attention to what my hair needs at a particular time.
cutenss said Jun 06, 2010 13:23:34
I DC with steam once a week. I also cowash once a week. I try to keep my protein/moisture balance on track, by always using both a protein and moisturizing product.
blueandblessed said Jun 19, 2010 17:36:03
@Cutenss- Are you saying that you mix both (protein/moisturizing) conditioners for your DC once a week, for p/m balancing?

I did a p/m balancing treatment and used 4 or 5 different conditioners plus p/m oils, that treatment was "da bum".....
cutenss said Jun 23, 2010 18:04:52
Yes blueandblessed. I will mix Aphogee with ORS Replenshing pack, or Aphogee with GVP Conditioning balm, etc. Even with my leave-ins I do the same. I wash with WEN by Chaz Dean. HTH
blueandblessed said Jun 24, 2010 04:26:14
@cutenss- I see that you are really serious about the protein/moisture balancing. Is it working for you? I would be afraid to use protein every week...
cutenss said Jun 24, 2010 05:22:04
@blueandblessed. I am a HAIR FANATIC lol. The proteins I use are light, so in conjuction with the moisture from the conditioner, and DC with it by steaming, it does work for me. But you have to know and listen to your hair. But I don't know too many people that don't at least have the Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor in the regimen.
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