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Deep Conditioning Treatments

posted Jun 16, 2010 03:58:46 by blueandblessed
Ok Ladies! What hair products are you using to d/c with, and what is your technique?

(*This Forum is in efforts to enlighten and share ideas...)
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Zan said Jun 16, 2010 04:24:51
Good topic. You know what I use so I won't bother. But I am gonna turn your own question on you. What do you use and what is your technique?
I'm curious :)
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
blueandblessed said Jun 16, 2010 06:54:14
I was thinking that I was getting to know your hair habits pretty well, and then- you got a wild hair on us....EVCO! LOL:}(just kidding, I had to throw that one in)

*Sally's have it on sale this month for a whopping 3.49 (u kno u like a good deal)

My last d/c: aussie 3min miracle, suave humectant, honey, evoo mix, peppermint/tea tree oil. Mixed it, then lefted in my hair for 1hr. (alot right....)under processing cap, no heat. -Products and Technique!-....whowho...

I am trying to simplify, starting next relaxer I will be doing something different....

Letha said Jun 16, 2010 20:53:23
I DC with Shea Butter Mango and Cholestrol and ORS Replenishing Pak.. I'm transitioning so I am just trying to find something that will give me good slip and help on detangling.. The 2 products I mentioned works well.. I also use a Dominician Product Capilo Cinnamon

My technique nothing special.. I apply from root to tip and sometimes I sit under the dryer and or steamer..
Zan said Jun 16, 2010 23:46:33
KC, all those products for one Deep conditioning treatment. WOW. Did someone say covering all the bases? lol
I am not loving the EVCO as a DC in my hair. Will not do that again. It feels heavenly on my skin though. OMG. That is a keeper.

Letha, your DC products sound good. It's all about the slip when you have all that newgrowth especially since you are transitioning.
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
blueandblessed said Jun 17, 2010 02:40:05
@Letha- Slip and Detangling is a dream come true for most.....If we get that down to a science then everything else is all up hill....I'm still working on it...sometimes I think I have other times I'm not so sure...whowho...*Thanks for your input.

*How long have you been Transitioning or how many weeks post relaxer are you?
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blueandblessed said Jun 17, 2010 03:12:34
@Zann-Did you use it alone or did you add it to your DC - and would you be willing to try EVCO as an overnite pre-poo? Rave reviews on that one...It's suppose to make your hair feel silky and moisturized....
Letha said Jun 17, 2010 12:37:16
@blueandblessed I am 27 weeks post relaxer.. I made it half way and still going.. Last relaxer was Dec 12th, 09..
blueandblessed said Jun 18, 2010 02:28:13
@Letha- is that pic u, on the forum page? I noticed that there's no pic of you on the directory page??

Wow u go girl, are you using heat at all?
Zan said Jun 19, 2010 02:15:26
I used the EVCO alone in my hair as a hot oil treatment. I heat it up in the microwave, apply it from root to tip, put on a shower cap and sit under the dryer for 13 mins. By the way, I did it on freshly shampooed hair. So afterwards, I just rinsed the oil out and then condition with vo5 in the shower.
I might try to overnight pre-poo with it. But uhm...I am not holding my breath on that silky part.
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
blueandblessed said Jun 19, 2010 17:26:05
@Zan- At least you love it on your skin.....
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