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Ringworm Remedy?

posted Jun 20, 2010 14:04:20 by Zan
Completely off topic. Hence the off topic forum. Does anyone know how to get rid of ringworm and fast? Imagine a germaphobe with ringworm...I am dying here.

I am also wondering if this thing can spread to the scalp, if so will my hair start falling out... :(
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blueandblessed said Jun 21, 2010 03:53:52
Ear wax is a good home remedy for the ring worm....What have you used to treat this with? Have you been around any kids that have rw?... Chances are if it's not near your scalp now, it won't spread. Ringworms can and will make scalp hair fall if not treated correctly i.e doctor's care....

Aloe vera might help, as well as EVOO, EVCO...whowho.....
IamNorma said Jun 21, 2010 12:54:40
Awww, I feel for you. I read that tea tree oil, diluted with another oil, kills fungus. You can apply this to your scalp once a week or depending on your tolerance. You definately need to get an antifungal treatment from the doctor or ask the pharmacist what to buy over the counter to treat the problem.
Zan said Jun 23, 2010 03:47:37
@blueandblessed ear wax? Really? No I haven't been around kids lately, just alot of strange people. Who knows where I picked up the bacteria.

@IamNorma I went to the doc and got a prescription cream. TO my surprise it's working. I am beginning to think it isn't ringworm though because I have them all over and they are not very big.

Anyway, I just wanted something to speed up the process and to kill the bacteria once and for all. With the cream I could miss a spot so I am going to try to buy a medicated soap to bathe with.

Thanks for all your suggestions :)
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
blueandblessed said Jun 23, 2010 17:25:54
What was u diagnosed with, since it's not ringworm? just curious since it's all over..whowho...
sparklebh said Jun 23, 2010 21:18:19
I see that you said its all over your body. Try a cheap cold cream or cream and put 100% pure Tea Tree oil in it, pls be careful with this oil because its strong.This cream will work for a lot of things, very good for summer bug bites.HTH
Zan said Jun 24, 2010 03:41:02
@blueandblessed WHat was I diagnosed with? "A fungus" I believe those were his exact words. What type of fungus, he didn't say. It was my husband that said it look like ringworm. But obviously he was wrong. Anyway, it's clearing up now. (knock on wood)

@Sparklebh I have a cream I am using. But I hate having to rub stuff all over me. But this is good to know though because those presciption creams are expensive!
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
blueandblessed said Jun 24, 2010 04:29:51
@Zan-glad ur getting all better!
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