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Are Braid Extensions SAfe?

posted Jul 09, 2010 01:39:47 by markygyrl08
Is it safe to use braid extensions in my hair as a way of giving it a rest? thanx in advice for all the replies..
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blueandblessed said Jul 10, 2010 19:53:28
I'm not the expert on this subject. Just putting my 2cents in it! LOL!! As we all know that "Weave Is In" I've been doing it for years, as I get more knowledge I incorporate smarter ways of implementing what I do.....i.e I went from glue to clamps. Soon to start testing the waters on Half Wigs.

Based on my knowledge I would say yes and no. Yes, because it will give your tresses a rest, but while you are resting with extensions, make sure your keep your tresses conditioned and moisturized....No, because it is an un-natural thing to do, it can put alot of stress on your tresses, if done to tightly. If you want to get technical, I have read where the chemicals used to make it, is not good for our hair....

In closing, just like EVERYTHING there's risk involved.....HTH and HHJ!

Zan said Jul 10, 2010 20:13:54
@BlueandBlessed well said.

@markygyrl08 I know you asked me this question on my baord but I will try to answer here. I am not authority on this subject since I have never done it.

I know there are alot of people who successfully grow their hair with extensions without damaging their hair. So my answer is it can be done safely.
There is a member of on here @IamNorma who is into this.
In the online communities it is called the Crown and Glory method.

hope that helps.
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
IamNorma said Jul 13, 2010 14:12:46
Hi, markygyrl08, I haven't had braids for years prior to the braids I just got the end of June. The first time around, I had braids for about a year, was living a very healthy lifestyle and was in my early 20's. I had mad hair growth and transitioned completely out of my relaxer to a texturizer. I loved the results and I didn't even know what I was doing. I washed my hair all the time with baby shampoo (the Johnson&Johnson's conditioning shampoo with honey) and moisturized with Nexus Botanical Oil. This time I have been growing out my hair using lace front wigs. I wanted something light for summer and am using the crown and glory method. I have natural hair, so the con is that if you look closely, you can see the hairs sticking out at the top. But, I don't care because I always wear my hair in some form of an updo. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress in the next couple months.

There are risks. Make sure the stylist is using sanitary instruments (combs, etc.), also, don't be afraid to speak up if something hurts or is too tight. If you are uncomfortable before you even leave the braider, something ain't right. Remove any braids along the hairline that are causing discomfort, pain, or are making little white bumps appear (I usually remove almost all the braids along my hairling, it's a fragile area). Also, don't put product (too many applications of oil between washing..) in your hair that is going to build up and make it difficult to comb your hair out once the braids are removed. Don't leave your braids in for longer than 3 months (I usually remove them after 2, I don't want any suprise dreadlocs).

Good luck, whatever you decide.
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tashad said Aug 06, 2010 16:21:58
I've been contemplating getting braids again. I know that my hair grows, but its the taking them out that I always see bad breakage. Usually to my sides. I think I may try it again, since I have a little bit more knowledge when it comes to my hair. I bought a half wig for the first time this year, and I do have to say that I love it. Its easy to use and it keeps my hands out of my head! : )
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