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Hair Therapy Wrap

posted Jul 12, 2010 23:32:33 by blueandblessed
Those of you that have use this Hair Therapy Wrap....Jump in and let me know what you think about this method of treatment....and any other advice you may have.....

I'm excited to use this my next wash day...sitting under the dryer got old quickly for me....
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Zan said Jul 18, 2010 20:34:31
I think you are going to have to be the guinea pig on this one.
Have you used it yet?
Post a link to the one that you bought so we all can see what it looks like, cost etc.
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blueandblessed said Jul 19, 2010 10:22:46
cost: $22.00
free shipping
color: brown

Looks real similar to an electric heating cap, without the cord. I'm suprised nobody here has used it before. It's been around for a while now. Being that I'm 2 years behind on all of this Healthy Hair Stuff...So Thankful and Glad that I found it when I did!

Hair Therapy Wrap - Brown: A heated turban to maximize hair treatments.
Description: Increase the efficacy of your hair treatments with this reusable, heated hair turban from Hair Therapy Wrap™. The removable, microwaveable, gel heat packs offer cord-free heating that works with the durable insulation for maximized product penetration. A plastic cap seals in product and a layer of washable, terrycloth further insulates. Oil and reconstructive treatments are activated by the warmth to do their work, as the hair follicle of each strand is relaxed and open for diffusion.
Recommended Use: Place a gel pack in each pocket of the Hair Therapy Wrap. There are 2 rounded side gel packs and 1 middle gel pack. Make sure that the gel packs lay flat in each compartment. Heat to desired temperature in a microwave. Place disposable inner plastic cap on head. Fit Hair Therapy Wrap over plactic cap with tail part towards back. Then at the base of the neck, simply twist the fabric firmly for a snug, drip-proof fit. Use the hook and loop strip to secure tail on the top of the wrap.
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Zan said Jul 21, 2010 03:30:16
Well blueandblessed, it looks like you found a keeper in this product. I don't mind sitting under the hair dryer for 30 mins every other week. Although sometimes I wish I had a soft bonnet dryer or a "steaming cap" as my mom used to call it. Only sometimes tho.
It seems like the heat therapy cap would be good if you do a lot of heated hair treatments.

(I Grabbed the pic from the website for all who want to see.)
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blueandblessed said Jul 22, 2010 03:45:58
@Zan- I DC 1x a week....
Zan said Jul 24, 2010 21:30:02
Hey KC, look what I found.
What do you think about this versus the heat therapy wrap?

Malibu Heat Cap (

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blueandblessed said Jul 25, 2010 00:56:14
@Zann- WOW! and it's a whopping $47.90. What I do like about it, is that you can uncover your ears....Not sure how long it stays hot though...hmmmmmmmm interesting. What are your thoughts on this Heat Cap?
Zan said Jul 25, 2010 16:26:55
Well, my thoughts are the commercial was hilarious. SOme of their hairs looks jacked up but that's not the point. They let these women put their own hair on rollers so they really couldn't have expected much. I like the concept. I would not necessarily use it to set my hair in rollers but perhaps for braidouts. I could do dry braidouts and put on the cap to steam and set the curls. I have always wanted to steam my braids. I was almost tempted to turn on the shower and let the shower fill up with steam and then go stand in it for a few minutes.
Crazy right. lol

It is very interesting, I should look more into it. I am thinking that if you like to use huge rollers though I don't think this cap would work for you.
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