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Is there anyway to thicken hair.

posted Jul 14, 2010 03:17:16 by markygyrl08
hi guys this is a topic for which i've been getting conflicting reviews. some say no once hair is thin that's how its going to be, while i have also heard that it is in fact possible to get thicker hair. would love to get some real answers from some real women with experience.. thanks
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blueandblessed said Jul 17, 2010 23:31:27
@markgyrl08- Is your hair naturally thin or has it thinned out from the usage of chemicals/styling tools?
markygyrl08 said Jul 18, 2010 20:21:25
when i first started relaxing it was thicker than it is now.... so ill have to say the use of chemicals. but since im now paying attention to my hair i honestly can be too sure. can you plz advise me for both instances.. tanx.. peace and love
Zan said Jul 18, 2010 23:45:49
Markygyrl08 as much as we all want to, we can't thicken our hair overnight. If your hair is NOT naturally thin then something you are or have done has made it thin. For me it was relaxing my hair bone straight. That is the number one cause of thin hair among ladies who relax -over processing which leads to chemical damage. If chemical damage is not to blame for your issue, it could be several other things. I have a few posts on here about thin damage hair.

Your options for thickening your hair
1. Start a healthy hair journey
2. Cut off the damaged or thin ends.
3. Do not relax your hair bone straight. A little texture goes a long way to make your hair look and feel thicker.

The following have Immediate results but only make your hair temporarily "Appear" thicker.
4. Henna (have not tried this, you would have to do your own research)
5. A semi permanent color (may or may not work)
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blueandblessed said Jul 19, 2010 11:46:28
@markgryl- 100% Pure Castor Oil - Jamaician Black Castor Oil, is known to thicken hair.....HTH
Bunie124 said Jul 27, 2010 13:35:48
jus not relaxing your hair too often helps alot
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