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Strange Shopping confessions

posted Aug 11, 2010 02:16:44 by Zan
I was just thinking today...Everyone has strange shopping habits, things they do to cut corners or to find bargains.
here are my semi strange shopping habits.

I shop in the petite section even though I am not at all petite :)
I will buy a maternity top if it fits right and doesn't look looks like normal clothes.
I buy white undershirts from the boys dept because they fit perfectly

What are yours?
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Shauna said Aug 11, 2010 16:10:58
I too shop in the kids department for bargins. For grocery bargins, I clip coupons, browse circulars for deals. I'll shop at 3 or 4 supermarkets to get a great deal. I buy most items in bulk. I almost always haggle. My husband calls me :"Coupon Queen".
IamNorma said Aug 12, 2010 14:19:50
I collect all of the ads for back to school and go to 3 different stores to find deals on supplies. I also do the same thing for my daughter's winter clothes. The 2-year-old gets all of his winter clothes from rummage sales the last 2 years and I have spent about $20 this summer. He has all kinds of sweaters, pants, and long sleeved shirts ( all in 3T). I am just searching for a winter coat and boots for him.
Zan said Aug 13, 2010 05:19:15
See, I am not the only one with strange shopping habits. I have no luck with coupons though. Everytime I saved a coupon to use, I always forgot it at home or forgot I had it in my bag when I was checking out.
Keep those confessions coming guys.
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
blueandblessed said Oct 18, 2010 03:03:53
Playing the frugal game is the game to play....Ok I'll just play a hand or two: When dish detergent is on sale for .99 I will buy 5 or 6 of them, and usally I will have a coupon for it, so that way I can save even more.....If there's an item at Sally's that I want to purchase, I will wait for it to go on sale before I buy, regardless of how many months I have to wait.....

I think of it as me being a smart shopper, that way I can afford to buy more...♥
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