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Garlic Powder for shedding

posted Dec 04, 2010 18:56:14 by Rellz
Hey gals! (Pssh I said "gals" lol)

I have been looking for products around the house that may be beneficial to my healthy hair journey.. And a bottle of garlic powder caught my eye.

Now apparently garlic powder helps to dramatically reduce shedding. I looked it up first and saw the ladies on LHCF saying that it works for them. SO I figured why not add it to my pre-poo last night knowing that I would do a clarifying wash this morning.

I added 3-4 tsps of garlic powder to dissolve in some water (it usually soaks it up).
One egg
2-3 tbsp of mayonaisse and beat it up with the egg
2-3 tbsp of olive oil
I added the water/garlic and mixed it in with some V05 conditioner
(I wanted to add honey but I didnt have any =( I will add that to it next time)

I then did my hair in four sections and applied it evenly then put the four sections into four braids
I applied my plastic cap, then another one over it, then a head tie and an old shirt on top. I did not want that garlic leaking all over my pillow ,which it still did a bit).

I went to bed and woke up this morning to wash it out.

I washed it in the four sections that I already had in from the pre-poo. And did a vinegar rinse after shampooing. I do not comb my hair with shampoo in it because of the way it already strips the hair and I hate the feel of it. I then applied conditioner to the sections and combed it out in those sections. I knew that I would not be able to do a hot oil treatment today and I dont use heat in my hair. So I put the conditioner into my hair putting alot on each braid then I put on a plastic cap. I usually bathe in hotter water than I put on my hair so I just took a shower and let the hot water run over the plastic cap with my conditioned hair underneath. Then before I got out of the shower I took off the plastic cap and let cool water run over my hair still in the braids.. I did not take out the braids and comb them again under the water because the point was to keep some of the conditioner in my hair.

I then squeezed out the excess water and put a towel on my head to soak up some of the rest. Then combed my hair up to do my bun. I got my EVOO+Conditioner+water moisturizer but decided to add some freshly squeezed cucumber to it. I figured that since cucumbers are already made up of mainly water,vitamin C,vitamin A and other minerals it most be moisturizing being almost 100% water. SO yes I added the cucumber juice to my moisturizer and it feels pretty nourishing to my hair. I rubbed some on my hair from roots to ends followed by sealing it in with some EVOO and put my hair into a bun (I will upload a pic of it later).

During the washing of my hair I lost about 2 strands in my comb..(yes TWO STRANDS!)
I was looking at one of the strands to test the health of my hair and I first noticed it was shaped the way I see that it is said most African American hair is patterned.. like cotton?? you know like a road with a speed bump every couple feet (Idk how else to explain lol) But anyway it was also very elastic and strong! I stretched and stretched and it just kept bouncing back to how it was. I stretched it way more than hair would normally be stretched during a normal day even combing often and up to now that strand has not broken. So I figured that my hair probably has a good protein/moisture balance and I may not need to change anything about my regimen. Also I'm thinking that I may be able to extend my stretch longer than the 15 weeks I had planned but I'm not too sure. I think I kinda want to see how my hair looks texlaxed even around 50%. Then if I dont like it then I wont try it again =)

Anyway hope this helps anyone.. If you have shedding try adding the garlic powder to your pre-poo and see what it does for you.

HHG!!! <3
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lamorenita said Dec 05, 2010 15:52:30
Hey girl

great idea, i actually apply homemade garlic oil (cut garlic left in any oil, i use EVOO for at least a week) on my scalp as a prepoo, and yes, it did help with the shedding, so yeah, garlic is the 'shit'!!! lol

im goin to try caramel treatment as a way to help me stretch as i read it softens the NG and keep them moisturized, so, i'll let y'all know bout that!

but thanks for the tip girl!
Rellz said Dec 05, 2010 15:58:38
Yeh I'm so glad to find out about the garlic, good to know u already have it down! ;)

I've never heard of the caramel treatment but definitely let me know how that goes, cause I'm starting to think about maybe forgetting about texlaxing and if I find something that really works on new growth I might just go natural. But I'm still 50/50 on that..

And no probs! :D
blueandblessed said Dec 05, 2010 20:09:18
@Rellz~WOW! now that sounds like something I would do, just less wording.

**(And this is the real~reason I don't wash my hair on a regular because it takes so long for all that I do....YAY!)**

@lamorenta~ I made my garlic oil as well, it works great, just ordered garlic bulb capsules, can't wait to try that out....
lamorenita said Dec 06, 2010 05:27:18
@blueandblessed!! ive tried my homemade caramel treatment, didnt leave it for long though (barely 2hours with no heat), my NG was softer and felt moisturized but i think i want to renew it and leave it longer,... what was your recipe again?
Zan said Dec 07, 2010 04:16:54
Hey ya'll, could you continue this discussion on the blog post I created for Rellz. I am getting rid of this forum and will be replacing it hopefully with a better forum application that works better. It probably won't be as pretty as this but hey...can't get everything you want.
So yeah...again. The forum will not be available for a while, it will be under construction.
It's Me Zan a.k.a. Admin!
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